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The ‘Alumni Management System’ is a web-based application to manage alumni associations. It is a database system that can be used for managing alumni students’ work. It is configurable and can be configured to meet most individual institutions’ needs. It is a multi-user system.

The main objectives of this system are to provide easy and better management to the users or members of the organization, they can get up-to-date information accessibility, and many more.

The proposed system is developed

  • In order to avoid the limitations in the existing manual system.
  • All alumni students’ profiles will be stored along with the user information.
  • Scheduling of student information is being fully automated to overcome chaos in the system.
  • Automated messaging and student reports help easily to arrange any kind of alumni association requirements easily and instantly.


  • Programming Languages: PHP
  • Web Technologies: Html, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript.
  • Database: MySQL
  • Server: WAMP Server
  • Processor: 1.80 GHz or Higher
  • Hard Disk: 40 GB or More.
  • Ram: 1 GB or More. etc.

Flow Chart

Flowchart of the Alumni Management System

ER Diagram

ER Diagram of Alumni Association Management System

Users LIST

In this module, Admin can add new users to the site. He can also edit the information of the user or delete the users. That will help to maintain the site through multiple users.

News & Events Part

In the news and event module, we get to know various kinds of events and news of the association that will show in the scroll. In this part, the latest news or events can be updated and the status of the news or events can also change. So, maintaining and using the method becomes much easier in our system

Student Info Part

In the Student Part module, we get to know detailed information about the members of the association, Current Occupations, organizations, etc. Also in the Student Part module, it edits the details of all the information both the Students by the users or the admin.


This is also an important part of the system most effectively for managerial purposes. There has a section called sliders where users can change the slide pictures of the system. From the Gallery photo setting, the admin can add or remove the gallery photo from the site. It occupies also others settings that are effective for the system.

Send Messages

This is the most vital part of communicating with the students of the association. Admin can send messages to all the members of the association through the site. Any visitors can send messages by filling out the form that is given at the front end and the students can read it.


Alumni Association Management enables us to develop our institutions and improve their effectiveness and quality of work. It also serves information to the required person more easily and quickly. It has reduced time and extra manpower for the organization. It ensures complete security and authenticity of the organization. Alumni Association Management not only provides an opportunity to enhance the alumni association management capabilities but also increases the profitability of the organization.

See the Full Project on GitHub