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Windows 11 Free Download and Install | Microsoft | Windows 11 Review

If you look back, Windows XP was fantastic then, Windows Vista wasn’t, Windows 7 was great, Windows 8 wasn’t, Windows 10 was great, and Windows 11..… There’s no need to worry, Microsoft. This is your opportunity to end the cycle.

So, for those who already have the previous Windows editions activated, the Windows 11 revelation of the newest version of Windows is now available as a free upgrade on October 5th, to a PC near you. You can also learn How to Install Windows 11 on Supported or Unsupported PCs.

By the way, I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Windows 11. I’m perfectly happy to spend all of my time in Windows, and as I watched their unveiling event, I felt more compelled to react to their Windows unveiling than anything they’ve done recently in Apple camp in the desktop stuff. At the end of the day, though, it’s just an operating system, and you’ll have to run the apps on it, so we’ll get to the app situation in a minute, but there’s plenty of reasons to do.

Windows 11 Review

So, first and foremost, the entire design has been radically refreshed, so we will get this new design, which I would characterize as really glassy, with a lot of shininess and transparency glassy translucent components things going here, as much as I probably wince to say it. It reminds me a little bit of the excitement surrounding Windows Vista, when we had that really flat Windows XP and then Vista was all this glass, but of course, now it’s much brighter and lighter, and I’m going to stop referencing Vista now.

There is a new start menu in Windows 11, which may make you nervous if you’re used to them messing with the start button and start menu in the past, but it’s pretty good. It’s actually focused now by default to keep with the theme that Windows 11 should be the core of your ecosystem, but you can always move it back to the left if you want, but yeah, it has the glassy look, it’s a good start.

And then, similar to how you can swipe over on Android to see a Google Discover page, or on IOS to see a bunch of widgets with information, or even on the Mac, you can swipe over on Windows 11 to see a pane of widgets with information customized by AI (Artificial Intelligence), it’s a glassy pullover, and I assume it’ll get better over time as it learns. It’s a lot of fun.

FaceTime and Zoom vs. Microsoft Teams

The Microsoft Teams software is now fully incorporated into Windows, which is undoubtedly an amazing innovation.

Now, here’s the deal… So, Microsoft Teams is their collaboration app, right? They want to utilize it as much as possible, yet Microsoft owns Skype and paid 8.5 billion dollars for the company.

So that’s what came to me when I was thinking about what Microsoft might do to make communication in Windows easier, but as you know, they’re trying to promote Teams as the default messaging app and promote it more among average people. So the demos at the event consisted of folks having chat discussions with their friends and family and jumping on informal video calls with Microsoft workers.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve always thought of Teams as a business app, like a corporate video conferencing app, because that’s the only thing I’ve ever used it for, and it’s literally called Teams, so I’m curious if integrating it into Windows will have the desired effect, especially since it’ll be released during the holiday season on October 5th.

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So, while we’ll probably want to be mostly done with video calls by then, Zoom has obviously broken through from the enterprise to become the default video calling program for the rest of the globe. Microsoft, as previously stated, owns Skype, but now Facetime, thanks to a recent iOS update, will allow you to send links to people on Android phones and web devices, and Windows users will be able to use Facetime as well. I’m not sure if Microsoft Teams will become the de facto standard, but we’ll see.

The new administration features in Windows 11

I do like the new window management controls, which Windows has had for a while and is still great at, and now in Windows 11, you can get these new multi-window snap presets by hovering over the maximize button, which is super dope for people like me who work with multiple windows open all the time. Also, Joanna Stern has an awesome exclusive piece over wall street, which I love.

So, if you’ve ever used an external display with a Windows laptop before, it’s a pain when you have a bunch of things nicely laid out on that monitor and then unplug it and everything just appears on your laptop. Not anymore; now they’ll remember their location on that monitor when you unplug it, and when you plug it back in, they’ll all go back to where they were.

Apps for Windows 11 and Android

But the biggest new thing, the biggest most headline-worthy new feature from Windows 11 that got my attention the most has to do with apps, so this is the headline, this is what could be printed in the top super simply, Android apps can now run natively in Windows 11, so right off the bat, that’s pretty cool, they’re demonstrating it’s compatible with the window management controls and it could potentially be used to replace the desktop.

So this is made possible by a partnership between Microsoft and Amazon, and what’s going on here is that the Amazon App Store for Android apps is being loaded into the Microsoft Windows App Store, and everything will be run through Bridge technology.

So, according to Joanna’s piece, you’ll be able to search the Windows App Store as usual for an Android app, and when you click to download and install it, you’ll be prompted to sign in to an Amazon account, and the first time you do this, it’ll prompt you to download and install the Amazon App Store app for Windows, which will be the first time. From my experience, there isn’t a complete overlap with the Google Play Store; it’s near, but it’s the Amazon Android App Store loaded into the Windows App Store, which makes sense.

So perhaps the headline should read: Android apps from the Amazon App Store will run natively “kinda” on Windows 11 if you have both a Microsoft and an Amazon account.

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It basically feels like an extremely official side load; it isn’t quite native, but they’ll do their best to make it feel as natural as possible. By the way, the decision to do this makes great sense to me in terms of getting users to where you want them to be with their favorite apps. You can download Android apps on a Chromebook and run iOS apps on a Mac for the same reason. It doesn’t mean it’ll be excellent, but there are a lot of awful examples of them not functioning well, and it’s possible they’ll be bad for non-touch input.

On a computer, they may just have functions that are broken or don’t perform as well as they do on a mobile device, which may be the most complicated version of it all. But, at the end of the day, you can see your Android apps on Windows, so those are the big new changes, the big bullet points, Windows 11 looks fresh and clean with this new aesthetic, which I for one am definitely on board with because it feels modern, and I’m sure there are plenty of other behind the scenes and under the hood changes as well.

For a couple of more interesting new system requirements, there is a compatibility tool that people can use right now to see if their current PC will work with Windows 11, but I think we’ll learn a lot more as the theaters roll out and people start using them about graphics improvements, security, privacy, and optimization, and all of that fun stuff, but in the meantime, that’s what we know so far.

I’m blown away. They might have just interrupted the cycle, in my opinion.


The strange requirements in Windows 11 are the worst part. According to Microsoft, TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot are required. However, I loaded the leaked dev preview package on my years-old Core i5-4300U-powered laptop with TPM 1.2. Without the newer TPM 2.0, you may easily install Windows 11. If your system is older than seven years, there’s a good probability it has TPM 1.2 installed and working properly. The following step is required; the secure boot is not difficult. To use Secure Boot, you must go into the bios and disable legacy mode and enable UEFI. Only UEFI is supported, so make sure you’re not using UEFI Hybrid. To install Windows 11, all you need to do is dig through the bios.

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If you’re using Windows 11 Home, you won’t be able to finish the installation without entering into your Microsoft Account. Also, if you connect WiFi by accident during setup, you’ll need a Microsoft account again. When I was installing Windows 11 Pro, I made the mistake of connecting my Wi-Fi, which prevented me from bypassing the Microsoft Account login process. For a non-Microsoft account user, it’s just weird, in my opinion. Here’s a piece of advice: don’t connect your WiFi when installing Windows 11.


Windows 11 desktop

If I were, to sum up, Windows 11 in two words, they would be “So Smooth.” The animations and transitions in Windows 11 are breathtaking. Windows 11 has rounded corners, which makes it more appealing to the eye. First and foremost, I’d want to inform you about the new desktop. It’s as straightforward as it gets. The wallpapers are just stunning. Windows 11 is available in six different themes: Windows (light), Windows (dark), Glow, Captured Motion, Sunrise, and Flow. Windows (dark) and radiance are two of my favorite themes. The color palette is very stunning.


The taskbar in Windows 11 is the most divisive feature. The taskbar is in the center by default, like it is in macOS. However, by going to settings, you may alter it to left. But trust me when I say that you will adore the center taskbar. It’s both straightforward and appealing to the eye. The left-aligned taskbar has been present since the beginning of Windows, and having it in the center is a welcome change. In addition, the Glow theme has a gradient taskbar that looks fantastic.

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windows 11 free download system requirements review
Windows 11 UI

The Start Menu has been simplified significantly. It’s quieter now, and it displays pinned and recommended apps in a little window. You may view a number of alternatives by right-clicking on the Windows icon, including Apps and features, task management, run, and so on. It’s simple to use, thus it’s a better start menu. In terms of search, it’s now just an icon rather than a large text bar. You can rapidly search for programs and surf the web.

Another fantastic feature of Windows 11 is Task View. It allows you to quickly multitask. You may also instantly switch desktops now. You can customize each desktop to your liking. You can set up a game desktop and a productivity desktop, for example. When it comes to Widgets, it’s not as big a problem as Microsoft made it out to be. To be honest, I didn’t do much with widgets. It provides information about the weather, the stock market, and Microsoft News. You may tailor news to your own interests.


On my laptop, Windows 11 performs far better than Windows 10. When I first installed Windows 11 on my hard drive, I was taken aback by how rapidly it booted up in comparison to Windows 10. It’s very backward compatible. Applications on Windows 10 run smoothly. Adobe Photoshop, XAMPP, and Visual Studio Code are some of the programs I’ve used. I had no problems at all. Please keep in mind that this review was written on a low-powered laptop, therefore no gaming tests were conducted. In a word, programs in Windows 11 will perform somewhat better.

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Although Windows 11 is simply a revamped version of Windows 10, this should not deter you from updating. There are a few more features, and this review is based on a leaked Windows 11 build. And if my first impressions of this version are positive, I have high hopes for the final version. For the time being, I’ll continue to use this version of Windows on my laptop. I’m not going to switch because this version is working well for me right now with few issues.

Windows 11 System Requirements

The entire list of system requirements for Windows 11 can be seen here, which includes at least 4 gigabytes of RAM, 64GB of storage, and a 720p display with a diagonal size of more than 9 inches. Or you can also check system requirements using Microsoft’s PC Health Check app by following the download button below.

windows 11 system requirements checker
Windows 11 system requirements

What are some reasons I should not get Windows 11?

You may not have a TPM 1.3 / 2.0 chip, wddm1.3 or less, a GPU is less than 1GHz, a CPU less than 4GB of RAM, or an HDD/SSD less than 64GB. These are some of the reasons why you won’t be able to install Windows 11 on your computer. For installing Windows 11 without TPM 2.0 Follow the tutorials.

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