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The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe Review Summary PDF C.S. Lewis
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The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe Book Review Summary | PDF

The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe is a children’s fantasy novel written by C. S. Lewis and published in 1950 by Geoffrey Bles. It is the first and best-known of The Chronicles of Narnia (1950–1956)’s seven novels.

It is also the most extensively owned of the author’s novels in libraries. Despite the fact that it was written and published first in the series, it is now volume two in modern editions, which are ordered according to the chronology of the stories (the first being The Magician’s Nephew).

As a kid, I must have read it 3 to 4 times. It sets the mood in my reading fantasies. a wooded area This is a big family. Animals with the ability to communicate. Secrets. Mystery. Drama. Messages that are hidden. Saga and series are two terms for the same thing. It is recommended that every child read The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe book and review it.

The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe Summary

During World War II, four siblings, Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy Pevensie, are forced to live in the country with the strange Professor Kirke. On a wet day, the kids explore the house, and Lucy, the youngest, discovers an immense wardrobe. When Lucy enters, she finds herself in a weird, frozen forest. Lucy meets the Faun Tumnus, who is taken aback by the presence of a human girl. Tumnus informs Lucy that she has entered Narnia, a world unlike any other. Lucy accepts Tumnus’ invitation to tea. The faun bursts into tears and reveals that he is a servant of the wicked White Witch. Lucy and Tumnus have a delightful tea, but the faun starts screaming and confesses that he is a slave of the evil White Witch. Narnia has been charmed by the Witch, who has made it such that it is always winter and never Christmas. Tumnus reveals that he has been assigned the task of capturing humans. Tumnus agrees to free Lucy after Lucy begs him.

Lucy leaves Narnia and joyfully recounts her adventures in the wardrobe to her siblings. They, on the other hand, do not believe her. Lucy’s siblings maintain that she was only gone for a few seconds, not hours as she claims. When the Pevensie kids check inside the wardrobe, they discover that it is just another piece of furniture. Edmund teases Lucy endlessly about her made-up nation until he watches her disappear into the wardrobe one day. Edmund decides to follow Lucy and ends up in Narnia as well. Instead of seeing Lucy, he sees the White Witch whom Tumnus told Lucy about. Edmund is introduced to the Queen of Narnia by the Witch Witch. Edmund has an insatiable yearning for Turkish Delight after the Witch feeds him enchanted Turkish Delight. Edmund’s greed and gluttony are used by the Witch to persuade Edmund to bring his siblings back to meet her.

Edmund sees Lucy on his way back to the lamppost, which marks the border between Narnia and our world. Edmund learns about the White Witch from Lucy. Edmund denies that the Witch and the Queen are linked. Edmund can’t stop thinking about how much he wants Turkish Delight. Lucy and Edmund have returned to Peter and Susan’s reality. Edmund scornfully tells Peter and Susan that Lucy’s claim about Narnia is a nonsense yarn. Professor Kirke is consulted by Peter and Susan because they are concerned that Lucy is insane. Peter and Susan are taken aback when the Professor asserts that Lucy is telling the truth.

To avoid the cleaner and some houseguests, the kids hide in the closet one day. All four Pevensie kids find themselves in Narnia at the same time. Tumnus’ home is shown to them by Lucy, but a note alerts them that Tumnus has been arrested on treason accusations. Lucy recognized that this meant the Witch was aware that Tumnus had saved Lucy’s life and that Tumnus had been apprehended by the Witch. Lucy appeals to her siblings for assistance in rescuing Tumnus from the Witch. The children are led into the woods by a friendly robin and meet Mr. Beaver. Mr. Beaver takes them back to his house and tells them that there is nothing they can do to save Tumnus. The children’s only option is to accompany Mr. Beaver on a voyage to see Aslan, a lion. In Narnia, Aslan looks to be a king or god figure. Except for Edmund, who is terrified at the sound of the name Aslan, the youngsters are all enchanted by it. Mr. Beaver, Peter, Susan, and Lucy plan to see Aslan at the Stone Table the next day, but Edmund is nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, Edmund is on the lookout for the White Witch in order to inform her of Aslan’s coming and the Beavers’ scheme. When the Witch learns that Aslan is in Narnia, she becomes outraged and plots to murder the children. The Witch is trying to escape an ancient prophecy that claims four humans will rule Narnia and topple her cruel kingdom one day.

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Meanwhile, the children and Beavers race to the Stone Table before the Witch arrives. Wonderful seasonal changes occur as they journey. They first meet Santa Claus, also known as Father Christmas, who informs them that the Witch’s spell of “always winter and never Christmas” has been lifted. The children notice indications of spring as the enchanted winter snow melts. Simultaneously, the Witch pulls Edmund to the Stone Table and humiliates him. The Witch will be unable to utilize her sledge until spring arrives, thus she will not be able to reach the Stone Table before the children.

When the other three Pevensies first meet Aslan, they are taken aback, but they rapidly warm up to him. Despite their fears, they fall in love with him right away. Aslan swears that he will do all in his power to save Edmund. He summons Peter and shows him the castle where he will be king. Susan blows the magic horn that Father Christmas gave her, warning that she is in danger, while they are conversing. Aslan dispatches Peter to assist her. When Peter arrives on the scene, he sees a wolf attacking Susan and stabs it to death with the sword Father Christmas gave him. When Aslan notices another wolf disappearing into a bush, he sends his followers after it in the hopes of finding the Witch.

As the rescue team approaches, the Witch is preparing to slay Edmund. Aslan and his companions save Edmund, but they are unable to locate the Witch, who hides among the trees. Edmund is relieved to see his siblings, as he has come to terms with the fact that the Witch is wicked. The Witch and Aslan speak the next day, and the Witch demands Edmund’s life, claiming Edmund is a traitor. The Witch claims that a traitor’s life is forfeit to the Witch according to Narnia’s Deep Magic. Aslan doesn’t refute it, and he quietly comes to an agreement with her. The Witch appears to be overjoyed, whilst Aslan appears to be contemplative and sorrowful.

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Susan and Lucy notice Aslan become increasingly depressed and melancholy the next night. The sisters are having trouble sleeping and find that Aslan has vanished. Susan and Lucy venture out of the pavilion in search of Aslan. When they locate Aslan, he tells them they can stay as long as they like until he instructs them to leave. Aslan, Susan, and Lucy walk together to the Stone Table, where Aslan instructs them to depart. Susan and Lucy hide behind some bushes while the Witch and her legion abuse, humiliate, and eventually kill Aslan. Aslan gave his life for Edmund, according to the Witch.

Susan and Lucy spend the entire night with Aslan’s body. They wake up to a loud cracking noise and discover the Stone Table has been shattered. Aslan has vanished. Susan and Lucy are startled to hear Aslan’s voice from behind him. Aslan has ascended to the heavens. Aslan transports the girls to the Witch’s castle, where they set free all of the stoned prisoners. In the conflict between Peter’s army and the Witch’s armies, Aslan, Susan, and Lucy charge in. Peter and his men are drained. Thankfully, Aslan kills the Witch quickly, and Peter’s army defeats the Witch’s followers.

Edmund, who has atoned for his sin of partnering with the Witch, is knighted by Aslan. At Cair Paravel, Narnia’s castle, the children rise to the thrones. After that, Aslan vanishes. The youngsters grow up to be adults and rule Narnia for a long time. They come across the lamppost that marked the border between Narnia and our world one day while searching for a magical white stag. The Pevensies emerge from the wardrobe and return to our world. They return to Professor Kirke’s residence as youngsters, as if no time had gone. Professor Kirke assures them that they will return to Narnia in the future when the foursome informs him about their journey.

Book Name: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe
Author: C.S. Lewis

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