Sanskritir Bhanga Setu PDF | Akhtaruzzaman Elias Books
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Sanskritir Bhanga Setu PDF | Akhtaruzzaman Elias Books
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Sanskritir Bhanga Setu PDF | Akhtaruzzaman Elias Books

Book Name: Sanskritir Bhanga Setu (রিভিউ পড়ুন)
Author: Akhtaruzzaman Elias
Genre: Probondho
Total Page: 175
File Size: 13 MB

Akhtaruzzaman Elias (12 February 1943 – 4 January 1997) was a renowned Bangladeshi novelist. He was a prolific writer. He has written two novels, five books of short stories, and a collection of essays. Exceptional Sushma has given her work a skillful portrayal of reality, history and political knowledge, deep insight, and a subtle sense of humor. He is the most acclaimed Bangladeshi writer in Bengali literature after Syed Waliullah. He has been called the unique embodiment of social reality.

The fascination of Elias is from the beginning. The realization that Bengali literature is not limited to the beauty of moon-star-moon-sleep is only known after reading Elias. I have never read in any article or book such a naked critique of the hard-line Hindutva writers who are progressive in their footsteps. Ilias, who entered the heart of the lower class Bengalis, Ilias, who roamed the fields, ghats, rivers, and canals of East Bengal, have always been a favorite. Extremely unpleasant all the truth is written in the book.

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A special condition for reading an essay is to have some preconceived notions about what the essay is about.
The article was written on Manik Bandyopadhyay from the book ‘Sanskritir Bhanga Setu’ has also been helpful. Besides, there is also a discussion about Rabindranath in Bengali.

The author may have meant the broken bridge of culture in the life of the Bengalis as culture is not seen as a complete practice but as a sign of display and pattern, which leads to the breakdown of the link between folklore.
You will continue to read more important articles in the book.

The book will move the thoughtful reader. Personally, I would say that reading this kind of book is very important. I believe that this book will provide the basis for the questions that should be asked to know and verify one’s personality, society, and state.

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