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Mrinalini Novel PDF Summary | Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay Books
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Mrinalini Novel PDF Summary | Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay Books

Book Name: Mrinalini (রিভিউ পড়ুন)
Author: Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay
Genre: Novel
Total Page: 97
File Size: 2 MB

Mrinalini is the third novel by the literary emperor Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay. Published in 1869. Chatterjee was 30 years old when the novel was first published. Bankim Chandra first made patriotism the subject of this novel. This novel was written by Bankimchandra while he was in Alipore. He dedicated the book to his friend and eminent playwright Deenbandhu Mitra. The National Theater staged the play in 184. Mrinalini was translated into Hindustani in 1880.

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Mrinalini fell in love with Hemchandra, the prince of Magadha when Magadha was under the control of the Javanese and Hemchandra was with Mrinalini at that time. Teacher Madhavacharya told Hemchandra that he could free Magadha from Yavan as he was the last ruler of Magadha. Hemchandra took steps to prepare for war with the Javanese. Meanwhile, Madhvacharya cunningly sent Mrinalini to Gaugaur. Hemchandra does not keep pace with the work due to Mrinalini’s memory. Mrinalini’s memory is tormenting him again and again.

Hemchandra was angry when Madhvacharya refused to give Mrinalini’s address. In anger, Hemchandra drew his sword to attack Madhavacharya. Hemchandra promised Madhvacharya that he would work for the liberation of the country but only after Mrinalini’s information. Madhvacharya told him the address.

Mrinalini was living with Hrishikesh, a businessman from Gaur. Hemchandra reached “Gaur” and asked to meet Mrinalini with the help of Pathan street singer “Girijaya”. The church decides the time and place for the two to meet at night. There is communication between them. When Mrinalini Hrishikesh returned home, Byomkesh, Hrishikesh’s son, used force to catch her. But soon Girija bites Byomkesh. Byomkesh accused him of going out and meeting unknown men. Hrishikesh kicked Mrinalini out of the house.

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Mrinalini and Girijaya reached Navadvipa to look for Hemchandra. Girijaya found Hemchandra and asked him to meet Mrinalini. But soon Madhvacharya told Hemchandra everything. When he heard that Mrinalini was a traitor and had an affair with another man, he became angry and vowed to kill Mrinalini. The next day Girijaya succeeded in trying to persuade him about Mrinalini. Hemchandra later met Mrinalini and it is known that Mrinalini had sent a letter to Hemchandra but Hemchandra ruined the letter due to arrogance.

At the same moment, the Javanese invaded the new island. The Javanese were looting, plundering and destroying the new island. Hemchandra does not see this horrible destruction of the new island. He took steps to protect the people of New Island. During this work, he came in contact with Byomkesh who told him how he had cheated on Mrinalini. Hemchandra quit all his work and ran to meet Mrinalini and apologized to her. Then Hemchandra told Madhvacharya that they were already married in Mathura. Now they will live happily ever after. Madhvacharya also blessed them.

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