Lord of the Rings Trilogy Books Review | J R R Tolkien | Summary PDF
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lord of the rings trilogy books J R R Tolkien PDF Review Summary
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Lord of the Rings Trilogy Books Review | J R R Tolkien | Summary PDF

It’s impossible to write a review for this gem lord of the rings trilogy book. I’m afraid I won’t be able to do it.

There’s far too much to say, and I adore it far too much to express myself normally. Thus I have instead selected and added one item of each book that I really enjoyed (taken from my 10-piece list). It’s the best I can offer, while I know many other readers have struggled with this book.

In any case, here are my top three from lord of the rings trilogy books:

The Fellowship of the Ring: Finding Your Courage

Not every member of the party has been thoroughly tested. Four young hobbits accompany them on their voyage, the most improbable of friends for such a quest. They are the forgotten, the race that is simply dismissed and dismissed as insignificant in the larger world. And it’s possible that this was the demise of civilization in Middle Earth in the past. The forces of darkness try to wield whatever they can get their hands on, from huge spiders to raging trolls, dragons to orcs, men of the east to the undead. This is something that the forces of good have only recently considered. A powerful heart of fortitude and tenacity beats within the hobbit’s bosom.

Gandalf shouted, “My beloved Frodo!” ‘As I previously stated, hobbits are very remarkable creatures. You can learn everything there is to know about their ways in a month, yet they may still surprise you in a pinch after a hundred years.”

They have the key to eradicating the darkness with them. Bilbo demonstrated his ability to resist the ring. The hobbits are a near-incorruptible race, and as a result, they are Sauron’s undoing. It’s something he’s failed to notice.

“Coming with me would be the death of you, Sam,” says the narrator “I could not have borne it,” Frodo murmured.

“It’s not as certain as being abandoned,” Sam added.

“However, I’m heading to Mordor.”

“Mr. Frodo, I am well aware of this. You are, of course. And I’ll accompany you.”

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The Two Towers’ – Gandalf the White

“Do I not claim genuinely, Gandalf, that you could go wherever you desired faster than I?” Aragorn finally said. And I’ll add this: you’re our commander and our flag. Nine is the number of the Dark Lord. But we have One who is more powerful than they are: the White Rider. They will fear him because he has passed through fire and the abyss. We’ll follow him wherever he leads.

Gandalf the Grey was a pleasant and eccentric character who became everyone’s friend and counselor. But he was also a terrific inquirer and wonderer. He was a scavenger of dark secrets and enigmas. And Middle-Earth no longer requires such a person; darkness has arrived at her doorstep, and it is no longer concealed. As a result, Middle-Earth requires a man (or Istari) with far vision who can unify Rohan’s dispersed forces and manage events to guarantee that the King returns. It requires a meticulous man of immense wisdom and wit; it requires a stagiest: now that Saruman has changed his colors, it requires a new white wizard. And now he has arrived.

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The Return of the King : Girl Power!

“What are you afraid of, lady?” [Aragorn] inquired.
“It’s a cage,” [Éowyn] explained. “To remain imprisoned until old age and use accept them, and all hope of achieving great acts has faded beyond memory or desire.”

In this scenario, there haven’t been many opportunities for women to exhibit their courage. Arwen’s appearance in the films was absent from the novel. Glorfindel, an Elf-lord, saved Frodo from drowning in the river. As a result, Eowen’s struggle with the Witch King is Tolkien’s first great female hero moment. It was fantastic to read this scene in such a male-dominated genre. If I had one critique of Tolkien, it would be that we didn’t see more of these types of events.

Book Name: Lord of the Rings Trilogy [ Summary PDF ]
Author: J R R Tolkien

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