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How to get good score in IELTS General reading writting speaking listening
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IELTS Tips for Listening | Reading | Writing | Speaking – How to Prepare

One of the world’s most famous philosophers and former British statesman explained what education is,
“Education consists of two things- first of all, language, the second one in Mathematics. Education is all about language because mathematics is also a language!”
You now realize that what we study in school, college, and university is language! Everything will be alright if you learn this language thoroughly in life. The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a language competence test. In this post, you will learn how to get a good score in IELTS General or Academic and how to prepare for IELTS at home. IELTS preparation books online tips PDF Material Mock Test etc.

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Now what is IELTS?

It’s a language exam, thus it’s the same thing! Because English is a worldwide language, we are all familiar with the competency exam. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a globally recognized English language competence test. This test simply assesses your ability to communicate in English. In fact, similar tests exist in every language on the planet! Four sections of it, like all languages, are tested in the test.

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking

Total Time: 2 hours 44 minutes (excluding Speaking)

This test’s results are presented in the form of a Band Score. IELTS passing score starts from 1 & Maximum Band No. 9 If you ask What is a good IELTS score then the answer will be if you achieve a score of more than 5.5, you’re regarded pretty good! However, you must maintain between 6 and 9 bands in order to satisfy the greatest colleges and embassies of industrialized countries. Now the challenge is, how can we earn the most points by dividing these four sections into four pieces? Let’s not get into the tactics.

And, yeah, before you learn the approach, see if this article may assist you! In fact, no worldwide shortcut to language acquisition has yet been established! However, there are thousands of strategies for succeeding in the test’s language. So what I’m going to say now is based on my own observations. If somebody aspires to get a Band 10 in IELTS, this isn’t going to be a cheerful read! This is for weaker kids like myself who desire to pursue higher education through something like ‘Dhar Takta Mar Perak.’ Or those who want to start at the beginning of university with a long-term goal of becoming fluent in the language. Still, if you don’t enjoy reading at the end, my advice is to dump it in the trash can on the sidewalk, much like you throw away the shell after eating nuts!

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Section 1: Listening

This means that native speakers must know how to pronounce any letter, number, or word because your ability to hear and understand English has been proven. You can learn more about IELTS by visiting the website “IELTS Liz” Then you’ll have no trouble figuring out someone’s name, street name, street number, phone number, or even tricky spelling questions. This sound has a few words that can be heard in two ways. Make a mental note of them and say and listen to them over and over. What do you know about the pronunciations of the following topics? Write them in the comments.
Symbol & Number:
@ =……………………?
0 = Say Sound?
O =………………………?
Z =
G =
A =
R =
E =………………… See how many of the things you use on a daily basis are incorrect! There are a total of 40 questions in this section. It is not an event if you give a little time to go 30-35 from here! This is the device used to widen the band.

Regardless of whether you take General or Academic IELTS, you must take Lesson 5-16 or at least two Listening Tests every day from all of the books available for IELTS published by Cambridge University Press. Increase the level once a day to hear the entire news from BBC and CNN. Give ielts practice a mock test for a better listening score.

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Section 2: Reading

That being said, Reading is the most difficult component of the IELTS exam. If the question is complex, many of your tactics may not work.

In one hour, you must solve three passages. The second is slightly more difficult than the first, and the third is slightly more difficult than the second, and vice versa (3rd 2nd 1st). If you’re not paying attention, penning a cow for 10 marks is equivalent to writing 50 pages! 60 minutes can be divided into three parts as follows: 18 + 19 + 21 = 56! And use the remaining 3 minutes to catch up on what you missed in the first and second passages. Even if you don’t know the solution to any of them, you must guess the answer to all of them. For better score sit IELTS Reading practice test / mock test for academic or general, get tips from different sources pdf books, etc.

If you do one passage in the morning and one passage at night when practicing reading from the Cambridge IELTS Test book at home, you will never be able to manage your time! So sit for an hour with your hands full. The funny thing is, you’re so busy that you can’t spare an hour away from the main exam hall! He proceeded to the next room after finishing a section and claimed that the school-college-university system, or the country’s system, did not teach you English.

Heading Matching can be done in a variety of ways, both easy and mystical. True or False Complete the blanks I shall write in the future, inshaAllah. If anyone has time, please write up my handwritten notes and leave them open for everyone to see!

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Section 3: Writing

In my opinion, Reading is the easiest part! However, most of us continue to write in the same style as we did in grades eight through nine, or in a similar style. There are no strong linkers in the sentence, no phrase, no Appropriate Words selection, no usage of Complex Sentences, no grammar in certain parts, and no requirement for rhythm in the written language!

If you draw a table at home in this place, you can use it exactly in the IELTS exam! Part two in writing:
TASK-1 & Task-2. The total time between the two is 1 hour! 60% band marks and time in Task 2. So when you get the question and start writing the composition of that old cow in Task-1, the time is over! Graph, Diagram is given here. Basically, the picture of a comparative analysis is presented here. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. You can’t give your opinion.

In this case, a suggestion can be given, if after reading the question of the writing part, if there is a common topic in Task-2, then it is better to write Task-2 first. Lately, Task-1 asks a little length or critical question, it is better to write it later to keep time for thinking. But two tasks together will never be difficult.
Here too someone can give me time to type with my hand note. I will write about your cooperation in the gratitude section.

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Section 4: Speaking

In this part of IELTS, if you want, you can get 99% of the answers ready from home! This piece of advice is for those who are afraid to speak up!!! I’ll come back to this topic later. The post is growing in size! InshaAllah, if you follow an old word for speaking, you will succeed.

“What you are speaking is not important, how you are speaking is important!”

Keep this in mind as you prepare. Every day, spend 14-15 minutes with a loved one as planned. You’ve spent the entire day talking about ‘Sapludu’ with your loved ones; now it’s time to return to the work story. Otherwise, you’ll wake up one day to find he’s bitten you like a snake!!! Are you giggling right now? Smile! And then there’s the reality.

There is one more thing.

In IELTS, there are no negative marks, so give it your all!

There is a significant difference between performing well on the IELTS with overnight delivery and being exceptionally proficient in English. There is a huge difference in the real game of ‘shortcut party’ with those who have been practicing English since the beginning without thinking of IELTS as a language course! Now that I’ve realized my flaws, I believe we should all strive to be proficient in English starting in college! How many hours do we waste in unnecessary discussions while studying at university? Alas!

No one speaks English for ten minutes, I don’t learn at least five new words every day, I don’t use at least one new word to speak/write from there, I don’t read a good English book every month, I don’t watch a good English movie, I don’t learn at least one grammar rule every day, and I don’t watch good English TV shows! After that, we’re looking for a place to stay for the night! You will close your eyes and listen to Hero Alam music or “Have a relax” as a nation works day and night to improve their skills. And think about it: one day, we’ll be better! This is not going to happen! If you happen to get through today, make sure to catch it one of these days! Bro, you can’t go too far with your strategy if you’re weak!

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He analyzes hundreds of signals at night to decipher the lover’s heart language. And tell me if you don’t allow your language to develop naturally over time.

I’ve been talking so loudly for such a long time! When you consider your own flaws, it appears that you did not develop them as a child. Let’s end on a positive note!

One thing I discovered during my extensive research in Germany is that the language problem affects more than just us foreigners (foreign). This is a problem for the Germans as well! We have a linguistic issue. And there were two of them! The majority of them are illiterate in English! Another language we all speak is the language of knowledge, which includes both graduation and post-graduation! The majority of their students do not continue their studies after completing High School because they have an extra education loan and a simple way to earn more! This is where you have a significant advantage! They will not be able to stand by your side in the competition if you have two languages in English (and the language of the country you are visiting) and a degree! To make ends meet, one of our sons or daughters worked in a restaurant or other equivalent part-time / mini-job but eventually advanced to positions such as Engineer, Business Analyst, Doctor, or their own degree. And you’ll notice that many young men and women from that country used to work with you in the restaurant. One day, he’ll be the manager there! So, instead of looking at IELTS as an exam, focus on how to become fluent in this language like a native speaker from the start of college or university, and you will be a true winner, inshaAllah.

Let our dreams pierce the sky!

Written By: Billal Mahmud, NRW, Germany

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