How to Download Movies from Utorrent / BitTorrent sites? Mobile or PC
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How to Download Movies from Utorrent BitTorrent sites Mobile or PC
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How to Download Movies from Utorrent / BitTorrent sites? Mobile or PC

What is a Torrent?

First of all, let me say what is torrent. Torrent is Peer to Peer connection. Let me clear the P2P (peer-to-peer) method before starts. If you make a request to the software/apps (such as BitTorrent / Utorrent) for the file you want to download, then others who have that file on their computer start sharing it from there and you download it. Here two computers act as peers. If you become a peer later, another person will be able to take the file from you in the same way… this way the file will be spread.

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How to Download Movies from utorrent ?

We wanna explain how to download a movie/series/files from a torrent in a very simple way. Please follow the steps below:

  • Download U-Torrent / BitTorrent Apps from Play Store.
  • Go to settings and active WiFi only. Otherwise, if you are out of WiFi, mobile data will be consumed.
  • Go to Google Chrome browser (Recommended) and search by entering the exact name of the desired movie / series / what you want.
  • This step is more important. Because in this step you will decide which format, size or print movie to download. Find out which print movie with which resolution to download (details)
  • Click on MAGNET_DOWNLOAD / “U”.
  • After clicking on MAGNET DOWNLOAD / “U” the movie will start downloading by opening the automatic torrent app.

The process is explained here for mobile devices but following the same process, you can download any file on your PC. Do a Google search and download the torrent app for your Computer. Then just find out the magnet link of any movie & click on Magnet URL, That’s it. Movies of any genre are available in any country on the torrent site. Download speed will depend on your net speed, seed, leech.


If you live abroad, find out if downloading movies from torrents is prohibited in that country. Otherwise, you could face a prison fine. And it is always wise to download movies using a VPN. Stay with us to know about VPN.

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