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Chayabithi PDF Download | Humayun Ahmed Books | Summary | Story

Book Name: Chayabithi (রিভিউ)
Author: Humayun Ahmed
Genre: Novel
Total Page: 122
File Size: 6 MB

Humayun Ahmed was a Bangladeshi author, dramatist, scriptwriter, filmmaker, lyricist, scholar, and lecturer at Dhaka University who lived from November 13, 1948, to July 19, 2012. Nondito Noroke, his first novel, was published in 1972. He published over 200 works of fiction and nonfiction, several of which became bestsellers in Bangladesh. During the 1990s and 2000s, his works were among the best-selling at the Ekushey Book Fair. For his contributions to Bengali literature, he received the Bangla Academy Literary Award in 1981 and the Ekushey Padak in 1994.

Humayun Ahmed is considered one of the best post-independence writers of Bangladesh. His role in creating new readers is unique. It is considered that a new generation has been created by reading his books with the new style of dialogue in Bengali fiction. Humayun Ahmed’s ability to keep readers interested in the book is remarkable.

On the other hand, he is also acclaimed as a drama and film director in Bangladesh. He has made movies and TV dramas from many books written by him. Some of his books have been translated into various languages ​​throughout the world, and some of them are included in the school curriculum.

Ahmed came to popularity as a filmmaker in the early 1990s. He went on to make eight films, all of which were based on his own works. For the films Daruchini Dip, Aguner Poroshmoni, and Ghetuputra Komola, he got six Bangladesh National Film Awards in various categories. Nuhash Chalachitra is his own production company.

His works are notable for their lack of violence, realistic storylines, family drama, and comedic elements. Critics still regard his works like Kothao Keu Nei, Aaj Robibar, and Srabon Megher Din as masterpieces. For 15 years (1990-2005), he was one of Bangladesh’s most influential authors. Shyamol Chhaya and Ghetuputra Komola were submitted for the 78th and 85th Academy Awards, respectively, in the Best Foreign Language Film category.

During the 1971 Bangladesh independence war, Ahmed was a university student when he published his first novel, Nandito Narke. The novel was published in 1972 by Khan Brother’s Publishers on the initiative of writer Ahmed Sofa. His topics have encompassed the goals of normal middle-class urban families and depicted pivotal times in their life since his first work. Shonkhonil Karagar was his second novel.

Ahmed created fictional series with recurrent characters like Himu (21 novels), Misir Ali (20 novels), Shuvro (6 novels). He wrote several novels based on the Bangladesh Liberation War – Aguner Poroshmoni, Matal Haowa, Paap, 1971, and Jochona O Jononir Golpo. He also wrote many romantic novels including Srabon Megher Din, Badol Diner Prothom Kodom Phool, Noboni, Krishnopokkho, Aj Dupure Tomar Nimontran, and Tumi Amai Dekechhile Chhutir Nimontrane.

Some of his published books are as follows: Aaj Ami Kothao Jabo Naa, Aaj Chitrar Biye, Aaj Dupurey Tomar Nimontron, Aaj Himur Biye, Achinpur, Amar Ache Jol, Ami-ee Misir Ali, Angul Kata Jaglu, Anyodin, Badol Diner Ditiyo Kadam Ful, Badshah Namdar, Chader Aloi Koikjon Jubok, Choto Golpo, Daruchini Dwip, Debi, Dekha Na Dekha, Dighir Jole Kaar Chayago, Dorjar Opashe, Dui Duari, Deyal, Ei Shuvro Ei, Ekjon Himu Koekti Jhin Jhin Poka, Ekjon Mayaboti, Elebele 1 2, Gouripur Jongshon, Himu, Himu Mama, Himu Remand-E, Himur Achhe Jol, Himur Ditiyo Prohor, Himur Ekanto Sakkhatkar, Jalil Shaheber Petition, Jibonkrishno Memorial High School, Jochona O Jononir Golpo, Kichukkhan, Kobi, Lilaboti, Lilabotir Mrittu, Lilua Batash, Matal Hawa, Mayurakkhi, Mayurakkhir Tire Prothom Himu, Megh Boleche Jabo Jabo, Moddhanho, Mrinmoyee, Nirbason, Nishad, Nishithini, Opekkha, Quantum Roshayon, Rupa, Rupar Palanko, Sajghor, Se Ashe Dhire, Sedin Choitramas, Shuvro, Sourov, Tomader Jonyo Bhalobasa, Tomake, Tondra Bilash, Uralpankhi, Uthon Periye Dui Paa etc.

Amar Chelebela, Ballpoint, Fountain Pen, Hijibiji, Hotel Graver Inn, Kath Pencil, Lilabotir Mrityu, New York-er Nil Akashe Jhokjhoke Rod and Rong Pencil are the autobiographies of Humayun Ahmed. His novel Gouripur Junction was translated into several languages.

Humayun Ahmed’s also renowned for many television dramas like Ei Shob Din Ratri (1985), Bohubrihi (1988), Ayomoy (1988), Kothao Keu Nei (1990), Nokkhotrer Raat (1996), and Aaj Robibar (1999), Ure Jai Bok Pokkhi (2004), etc. In addition, he made single-episode dramas, most notably Nimful, Janani, Hablonger Bazare, Brikkho Manab, Rupali Ratri, Chandra Karigar, Ei Borshay, Khoab Nagar, Pisach Makbul, Jinda Kobor, and Badol Diner Prothom Kodom Ful, etc. Tara Tin Jon is a recurring character in dramas directed and screenplay by him.

Humayun Ahmed died at Bellevue Hospital in New York on July 19, 2012, after nine months of treatment for colon cancer. He was buried at Nuhas Palli, Gazipur, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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