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Anuman Book PDF | Aroj Ali Matubbar Rachanabali Download

Book Name: Anuman (রিভিউ)
Author: Aroj Ali Matubbar
Genre: Probondho
Total Page: 54
File Size: 1 MB

Aroj Ali Matubbar (1900-1985), a self-taught philosopher, was born to a rural family in the village of Lamchari in the Barisal district on December 17, 1900. He only attended at the local maktab for a few months, but he acquired knowledge on a variety of subjects by his own efforts and insights. He began surveying land in his leisure time and quickly became an expert in the mathematics and geometrical calculations required.

Aroj Ali was basically a rationalist and humanist who opposed ignorance, superstition, and religious fundamentalism. In more than one of his publications, he expressed his conviction and experience. Satyer Sandhan (1973), Sristi rahasya (1977), Anuman (1983), and Muktaman (1983) are some of his works (1988). Aroj Ali Matubbar Rachanabali was a posthumous publication of several of his unpublished manuscripts.

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In simple language, Aroj Ali’s writings represent his attitude about life and the world. In his community, he funded stipends for poor deserving students, established libraries, and organized essay competitions because he believed in human welfare and the notion of a world religion.

In the betterment of people, he donated both his body and his eyes. In 1985, he was made a life member of the Bangladesh Academy and received a reception from it. In 1978, the Bangladesh Lekhak Shibir awarded him the Humayun Kabir Memorial Prize, and in 1982, the Barisal branch of the Bangladesh udichi shilpigosthi gave him an honorary medal. He died in Barisal on March 15, 1985.

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