Akhtaruzzaman Elias Short Story PDF | Golpo Somogro Download
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Akhtaruzzaman Elias Short Story PDF | Golpo Somogro Download
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Akhtaruzzaman Elias Short Story PDF | Golpo Somogro Download

Book Name: Short Story (রিভিউ পড়ুন)
Author: Akhtaruzzaman Elias
Genre: Story Books
Total Page: 410
File Size: 27 MB

Akhtaruzzaman Ilyas is a writer who has reached the pinnacle of literature even with a very small number of works. Only two novels, a collection of four or five stories and a collection of essays. Only his readers will understand that he has matched himself so uniquely in this small self-world. Society, one side and its position on the third side to be above the other side. Many may think that this is a decision based on the passion of a fan. But how can I say that there is no emotion, there is no exaggeration!

In addition, one of the characteristics of the author is to create a surreal puzzle that combines society, reality, imagination, and dream, so that the wise reader will immediately think that he is reading any book at all, whether it is David Lynch or Stanley Kubrick or Christopher Nolan. Watching a movie! So this feature is, in my opinion, more of a fan in this collection. However, he has thrown some arrows at our social values ​​to keep the signature of his own uniqueness.

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Let’s come to the main discussion about the stories in the book.

Ranju, the protagonist of the story ‘Niruddesh Jatra‘, continues to be narrative and continues to happen. For a time, it seemed, its body was like the usual eight or ten stories. But after a while, the reader became suspicious that Ranju has a mental problem, and I was able to see where all the fantasies and dreams come from! Before that, the dust of Tepantar merged with the clouds of the sky and merged into the sea like raindrops.

Utshab, if you look at the upper class of the society, the contempt and hatred towards your level arise, so you have painted a picture of the black design.

Protishodh, It is clear from this story that there is no difference in the way of revenge between a brave opportunist and a brave man. Just as the words of a brave man do not get wet in the heat of the moment, if he has the voice of convenience and the milk of selfishness with him, so the sand falls in the thousands of plans of a brave man and is extinguished only by lack of courage.

Jogajog, who will say what motherhood is and who will realize it! Do you understand the storm that blows in the mind of another mother in the mud of another’s the child? It is a big responsibility for the writer to understand that he brings out all these with his eyes.

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Ferrari, the father of the stuttering Hanif, seeing the jinn fairy at the time of his death, proves the enormity of the slander he had acquired throughout his life for the purpose of those creatures. The stuttering Hanif of Shala can tell what he loses in any path when he goes to fetch the Qur’an Sharif for Dulabhai in order to drive away from the jinn.

Onno GHore Onno Swor, Pradeep comes to Dhaka from Kolkata to be newly independent. As a guest at a relative’s house, lying on the bed at night, I didn’t understand what it was like to get stuck in the blanket and get into the blanket, not to dream. In the midst of all this, when Pradeep looked at the moonlight in the blue sky of the night, when did he think that theft of shala, murder, robbery, corruption, politics, whatever you say, are all public in this third class country. Will they become smarter like us in time?

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